Midi Skip

Offers for Midi Skip hire Warrington have about 4 yards of storage, which is just ideal choice for any small home renovation, landscaping or trade jobs. If you order this skip size, you should know that it is able to hold up to 40 bin bags.

What is a Midi Skip?

This is actually the second smallest type of skip that you can order. Compared to our offer for mini skip hire Warrington, the Midi Skip is slightly bigger.

Most of the time this type is used for domestic skip hire or small building jobs.


Similar to other offers for skip hire in Warrington, this one does not have a walk-in access either. Please make sure before ordering, that you are able to lift any heavy items into the skip.

Get rid of your waste in an environmental friendly way.

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What size is a Midi Skip?

The industry standard for this type of skip states that a midi skip should measure around 3′ 2″ (0.97m) high, 6′ (1.83m) long and 4′ 3″wide (1.29m). This means that it can hold up to 45 bags full of rubbish.

It is important to know that you can save both time and money by ordering a skip that’s bigger than your needs, rather than one which is too small.

Environment regulations when hiring a midi skip.

Industry standards apply for this type of skip hire in Warrington, meaning that you are allowed to use it to dispose of materials that are NOT hazardous to the environment. You cannot store in a midi skip things like vehicle batteries, asbestos, tires, paint and other similar items.

Do I need a skip permit to keep a midi skip on my drive?

Midi skips can easily fit onto most of the driveways or gardens in Warrington. This means that you will not require a skip permit to place it on your own property.

If you do not have enough space, we can obtain one for you and have it ready once we deliver the skip to your location.

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