Large Skip

The large skip hire in Warrington is designed and recommended for builders who must remove a lot of waste from a construction site or from a domestic renovation. This one can hold up to 200 bin bags.

What is a Large Skip?

A large skip is higher than a standard builders skip, thus making it very suitable for contractors or builders that must get rid of a high volume of rubbish. It comes in two variants, enclosed or open.

This type of skip is usually requested by clients that require a commercial skip hire, in need of a way to dispose of the waste resulted while they are performing a construction or renovation job.


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What size is a Large Skip?

A standard large skip should measure 5’ 3″ (1.6m) high, 13′ 8 ” (4.2m) long and 6′ wide (1.84m). This much of space allows you to put from 180 to 210 bin bags into the skip.

Even though it is rather large in size, it should fit on most front/back yard gardens of buildings found in Warrington or surrounding areas.

Environment regulations when hiring a large skip.

For every skip hire in Warrington we make sure that all UK safety and environmental regulations are respected. We do not allow our customers to use the large skip for getting rid of items which could harm the environment.

Thus, please do not put things like paint, tires or asbestos in the skip as these are not accepted. We will not pickup up the large skip if we notice such items inside it.

Do I need a skip permit to place a large skip on my drive?

The UK law states that if you intend to keep the large skip in your own yard, you are not required to obtain a skip permit. If on the other hand you will place the skip on public property, you are required to submit an application in order to obtain one.

Don’t worry, you just have to let us know about this important aspect before ordering and we will procure one for you. On the bill that we will issue to you, we will include the fees for obtaining the permit.

Get rid of your waste in a very easy and environment friendly manner.

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